Welcome to BVC India..

Benze Vacations Club is a pioneer in family clubbing and entertainment for more than a decade. Benz Vacation Club started our foray into family clubbing with our first club at ECR road, Chennai. Since then, Benz Club have opened clubs in Coimbatore and the following year Benze Club opened clubs in Erode. Our future expansion plan includes opening more clubs in other Indian cities. Benz Club Chennai also have affiliations with many associate clubs offering our members an unmatched variety of vacation getaways. Benze Vacation Club offer world class facilities and services at all our club locations, that is personalized for each member to suit their needs. Since Benze Club Chennai are a family vacation club, our members can be rest assured that they will have safe, peaceful and fun-filled vacation for their entire family. Benze Club have facilities and services that cater to all members of the family. Some of the facilities provided are free Internet access, video games, acupuncture swimming pool, children’s play area, live entertainment, outdoor theatre, multi-cuisine restaurants, spa, health club, travel desk, car rental service, national and international holiday packages. Join us, the Benze group, to make your vacation a memorable one for everyone in the family.