Welcome to BVC India..

Benze Club is the first family and events club in Chennai. We began our operations in 2008 with our first club in ECR Road, Chennai. Since then Benze Vacations Club have extended our operations to other cities with clubs in Kovai and Erode. Benz Club offer top quality services, tailored to meet the needs and wishes of every single person in the family. All our clubs comprise of high quality and well-equipped gym which we offer as complimentary facility to all our members. “Familya Friendliya Joyliya” is not merely a tagline Benz Vacations Club use, but our vision and mission to make your vacation with family a time for bonding and spending quality time with your loved ones, rekindling of love in the arms of luxury. Whether it is the cuisine, or in-room amenities, service or special facilities such as the spa, acupuncture swimming pool, Benz Club Chennai spare no effort in making every vacation a truly memorable one for the whole family. Experience the most memorable getaway with us!!